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Diana Krall in Amsterdam's Concertgebouw - review from NRC Handelsblad, November 30, 2004

Pianist Diana Krall knows how to handle pop music

Concert: Diana Krall (piano, vocals), with Anthony Wilson (guitar), Robert Hurst (bass), and Peter Erskine (drums).

Heard: October 29, 2004 at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

By Bart Jippes

There is a yawning gap in pop music left by artists like Dusty Springfield, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. And this gap is filled, horrifying to jazz purists, by old stars like Tony Bennett, by popjazz-musicians like Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum and by the thirty-something Diana Krall. Her repertoire used to consist of standards, but since she married rock chameleon Elvis Costello last year, she has adopted material from the ‘Great American Rockbook’. Last night this resulted in a wonderful cover of Tom Wait’s Temptation, including a beautiful, subtle guitar solo from Anthony Wilson. Krall’s interpretation of this temptation was an unreachable phenomenon, like that of a girl in an attic room dreaming that it will happen to her once.

“I was born in British Columbia, where it rains all the time,” told Diana Krall her audience in the pause between two songs last night, “and I love it”. Krall might have moved from that Canadian province, British Columbia never left Krall. Her voice has, in spite of the light hoarseness, something standoffish, which inclines to smoothness on the records, but there was no sign of that whatsoever in the Concertgebouw. This was even more striking, because the hall amplifier was awful. Opposed to the usual situation at pop concerts, where the artist doesn’t have the problems of monitor speakers and can hear himself clearly due to wireless invisible boxes, here the situation was as follows: each musician had a monitor in front of him, and the audience was expected to hear the music through a couple of midway placed hanging boxes. Therefore, the public heard the original sounds from the band, together with the echoing sounds from the monitors, with on top of that the music from the hanging boxes. Even worse, the s-sounds were so awfully hissing that the audience doubled up because the ears felt like they were being sandblasted. And in the more loud passages, the grand piano sounded like the felt was replaced by metal.

Happily, all these cons were compensated by the pros, for example by the (with the exception of the first few bars) wonderfully tight playing band. Erskine and Wilson starred on Devil May Care, and Krall played a marvellous solo on On The Sunny Side Of The Street.

As a jazz singer, Krall can’t mach with her great predecessors, but her pop songs made an impression last night. Much better than on her latest record she played Joni Mitchell’s Black Crow, with nice guitar playing by Wilson, and most of all on the song which Costello once wrote for Chet Baker, Almost Blue.

It was beautiful as well to see how Krall’s past as a bar pianist came through when she hit a last note at the right end of the baby-Steinway and grasped with her hand a bottle of water on the ground in the same movement.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

DIANA KRALL - Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival

Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival [DVD]
Catalog #B000378009
release date 11/23/2004
Verve Records


1. Sometimes I Just Freak Out
2. All Or Nothing At All
3. Stop This World
4. The Girl In The Other Room
5. Abandoned Masquerade
6. I'm Coming Through
7. Temptation
8. East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
9. Devil May Care
10. Black Crow
11. Narrow Daylight
12. Love Me Like A Man
13. Departure Bay
14. Narrow Daylight

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lou Levy Takes You Behind the Scenes with Ella and Peggy

Melody Maker, June 16, 1962

[Pianist] Lou Levy Takes You Behind the Scenes with Ella and Peggy

by Lou Levy

I don’t know of two more generous and understanding singers to work for than Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. Peggy presents more of a thoroughly planned act, usually doing the same show during an entire engagement. Ella’s concert or nightclub performance is carefully planned, but she makes certain changes while on stage.

Working with Ella is more of a jazz job. There’s more room for variations. I guess the best way to describe it would be to say it’s like working with a horn player. Peggy creates a very strong feeling, but it’s not strictly because of the jazz phrasing she brings to her singing, but because of the way she projects the lyrics and creates a mood as she sings. Ella sings with less dramatic qualities overall. Despite the fact that Peggy works strictly non-jazz nightclubs, she still maintains a jazz feeling in her singing.

The customers come to see Peggy thinking of her as a pop singer, but then discover how she is in reality a jazz artist as well. On the other hand, Ella is known as a jazz singer, but she has become part of the pop music world to the public through her songbook albums. Harmonically they’re both perfect, with never any time or pitch problems. They both have the talent of a complete musician, being able to handle all types of songs at any given tempo.

They both read music well because of their common Big Band background. This kind of training probably helped them in the ease with which they can sight-read a song at first glance. When rehearsing with Peggy, she pre-sets everything including all the piano parts. Ella, however, lets the accompanist set the introduction, the ending and certain interludes. And while Ella uses more material on stage, she takes less time to rehearse with, due to the fact that Peggy does basically one set show while working in a club.

Of course, Ella has always been a true jazz singer, since her beginnings with Chick Webb. Peggy started in the jazz field with Benny Goodman, but she’s worked somewhat away from it. Ella enjoys working with jazz musicians in their groove – trading fours, improvising, joining in on ensembles with the group, and singing harmony parts just as the horns do. The experience of working with great jazz musicians like Oscar Peterson, Lester Young, Ray Brown, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker has really helped define her singing style.

Her years in jazz have made her ear so attuned to a complete jazz concept that hers is even better than that of the normal jazz musicians. One day at her house, while listening to the tape of "Take the A Train" from the album Ella in Hollywood, Ella began singing a second harmony part. She said that someday she wanted to record four different harmony parts in a song and have them dubbed one on top of the other.

Peggy hasn’t realy exploited the jazz field lately. She enjoys using the arrangings of jazz composers – people like Bill Holman, one of my own favorite arrangers, as well as charts by Marty Paich, Al Cohn and Quincy Jones. I really think she would enjoy working more in a jazz groove, like doing a jazz concert tour of major colleges and cities. We did a week of such concerts in San Francisco a couple of years ago which was a big success.

This is the only field of singing in which she hasn’t sustained a real impact. She certainly has all the vocal equipment to do so. In Peggy’s singing you can hear the Billie Holiday influence, even when not doing a tribute medley. Ella outwardly is not influenced by any particular jazz singer, but I know she greatly admired Billie’s singing.

While working nightclub engagements with them, I noticed that Ella occasionally might hit the audience harder earlier with a fast-tempoed tune. On the other hand, Peggy’s show gathers momentum, and received the same tremendous impact. It’s been a sincere pleasure to work with both of them from an artistic as well as personal standpoint.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Complete Roulette Dinah Washington Recordings



If your goal is to broaden your collection of the truly distinctive voices in music, you have got to own Dinah Washington. And if you want to understand what the composers meant -- REALLY meant – when they wrote songs you think you know, you have got to own this collection – The Complete Roulette Dinah Washington Sessions.

This music, from the final stage of Dinah Washington’s short and turbulent life, is a perfect snapshot of all she was in performance – the brash belter, claiming and proclaiming her measure of fun and gaiety; the spurned lover, earnestly searching for one more chance, or determinedly wiping the slate clean of all romance; the wry commentator, knowingly chronicling the world’s troubles as only she could observe them; and the optimistic dreamer, surrendering to the beauties of life.

Eight tracks appear for the first time ever, including one astonishing medley of songs, informally presented with just piano and flute accompaniment, that lasts more than 20 minutes – probably the closest thing on record to what it was like to hear her perform after hours.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions

The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions
Catalog #B000325202
5-CD set
reissue release date 11/9/2004
original releasing label Clef Records


Disc 1
1. Jam Blues
2. Medley
3. What Is This Thing Called Love?
4. Funky Blues
Disc 2
1. Apple Jam
2. Medley
3. Oh Lady Be Good
4. Blues For The Count
Disc 3
1. Jamming For Clef
2. Rose Room
3. Stompin' At The Savoy - Part 1
4. Stompin' At The Savoy - Part 2
Disc 4
1. Blue Lou
2. Just You, Just Me
3. Jam Blues
4. Medley (Ballad)
Disc 5
1. Funky Blues
2. Lullaby In Rhythm


Count Basie Piano, Organ
Ray Brown Bass
Buddy DeFranco Clarinet
Benny Carter Trumpet, Arranger, Alto Saxophone, Composer
Harry "Sweets" Edison Trumpet
Roy Eldridge Trumpet
Herb Ellis Guitar
Stan Getz Tenor Saxophone
Dizzy Gillespie Trumpet
Wardell Gray Tenor Saxophone
Freddie Green Guitar
Lionel Hampton Piano, Drums, Vibraphone
Bill Harris Trombone
J.C. Heard Drums
Johnny Hodges Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Illinois Jacquet Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Barney Kessel Guitar
Oscar Peterson Piano
Charlie Parker Alto Saxophone
Flip Phillips Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Rich Drums, Vocal
Arnold Ross Piano
Charlie Shavers Trumpet, Arranger
John Simmons Bass
Willie Smith Alto Saxophone
Ben Webster Tenor Saxophone

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Black Coffee
Catalog #B000309302
Album Length Compact Disc
reissue release date 10/26/2004
original releasing label Decca Records

1. Black Coffee
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Easy Living
4. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
5. It Ain't Necessarily So
6. Gee Baby (Ain't I Good To You)
7. A Woman Alone With The Blues
8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
9. When The World Was Young
10. Love Me Or Leave Me
11. You're My Thrill
12. There's A Small Hotel

Peggy Lee Vocal
Pete Candoli (1-4, 7-10) Trumpet
Jimmy Rowles (1-4, 7-10) Piano
Max Wayne (1-4, 7-10) Bass
Ed Shaughnessey (1-4, 7-10) Drums
Stella Castellucci (5-6, 11, 12) Harp
Lou Levy (5-6, 11, 12) Piano
Bill Pitman (5-6, 11, 12) Guitar
Buddy Clark (5-6, 11, 12) Bass
Larry Bunker (5-6, 11, 12) Percussion, Drums, Vibraphone


Anita O'Day And Billy May Swing Rodgers And Hart
Catalog #B000235302
Album Length Compact Disc
reissue release date 10/26/2004
original releasing label Verve Records

1. Johnny One Note
2. Little Girl Blue
3. Falling In Love With Love
4. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
5. I Could Write A Book
6. Have You Met Miss Jones
7. Lover
8. It Never Entered My Mind
9. Ten Cents A Dance
10. I've Got Five Dollars
11. To Keep My Love Alive
12. Spring Is Here

Anita O'Day Vocal
Billy May Arranger, Conductor
Pete Candoli Trumpet
Conrad Gozzo Trumpet
Uan Rasey Trumpet
Ed Kusby Trombone
Murray McEachern Trumpet
Tommy Pederson Trombone
Bill Schaefer Trombone
Tommy Shepard Trombone
Ted Nash Alto Saxophone
Wilbur Schwartz Alto Saxophone
Fred Fallensby Tenor Saxophone
Justin Gordon Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Gentry Baritone Saxophone
Unknown Strings
Joe Castro Piano
Al Hendrickson Guitar
Ralph Pena Bass
Irv Cotter Drums
Stan Levey Drums
Russell Garcia Producer

Friday, October 15, 2004

New albums available for download at Verve

The Verve Music Group has been digitally releasing Out Of Print titles for download! Here is your chance to re-acquaint yourself with some of the rare treasures of jazz!

Diana Krall's concerts tour

10/23/2004 Diana Krall Casino Espinho
Oporto, Portugal

10/25/2004 Diana Krall ICC
Berlin, Germany

10/27/2004 Diana Krall Kongresshaus [(+41) 1 206 36 36]
Zurich, Switzerland

10/28/2004 Diana Krall Teatro Smeraldo
Milan, ITALY

10/30/2004 Diana Krall Zenith []
Nancy, France

10/31/2004 Diana Krall Zenith
Lille, France

11/2/2004 Diana Krall M.E.N.
Manchester, UK

11/4/2004 Diana Krall Royal Albert Hall
London, United Kingdom

11/5/2004 Diana Krall Royal Albert Hall
London, United Kingdom

11/7/2004 Diana Krall Royal Albert Hall
London, United Kingdom

11/9/2004 Diana Krall NIA Academy
Birmingham, UK

11/11/2004 Diana Krall Musikteatret
Vejile, Denmark

11/12/2004 Diana Krall Falconer
Copenhagen, Denmark

11/14/2004 Diana Krall Concert House
Oslo, Norway

11/18/2004 Diana Krall Concert House
Stavanger, Norway

11/19/2004 Diana Krall Lisaberg
Gothenburg, Sweden

11/20/2004 Diana Krall Hovet
Stockholm, Sweden

11/23/2004 Diana Krall Konzerthaus
Vienna, Austria

11/24/2004 Diana Krall Konzerthaus
Vienna, Austria

11/25/2004 Diana Krall Salzburg Arena
Salzburg, Austria

11/27/2004 Diana Krall Casino
Divonne-les-Bains, FRANCE

11/29/2004 Diana Krall Concertgebouw
Amsterdam, Holland

11/30/2004 Diana Krall Forest National
Brussels, Belgium

12/2/2004 Diana Krall Philharmonie

12/3/2004 Diana Krall Jahrhunderthalle
Frankfurt, Germany

12/4/2004 Diana Krall Grugahalle

12/5/2004 Diana Krall CCH
Hamburg, GERMANY

12/7/2004 Diana Krall Congress Hall
Warsaw, Poland

12/8/2004 Diana Krall Lucerna
Prague, Czech Republic

12/9/2004 Diana Krall Congress Center
Budapest, Hungary

12/13/2004 Diana Krall Auditorio
Tenerife, Canary Islands

12/14/2004 Diana Krall Auditorio Alfredo Kraus
Gran Canaria, Spain

Monday, October 04, 2004

Hello, Love on CD

Here we have the USA and European reissue of Fitzgerald’s 1960 album release Hello, Love. This is the first time that this album is brought out on CD, except for a 1990s Japanese issue, which was the only chance for us to get hold of the music. A few tracks, however, were issued as bonus tracks on the CD issue of Like Someone In Love.

The track list is familiar to all of us; Fitzgerald sings You Go To My Head, Willow Weep For Me, I’m Through With Love, Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year, Everything Happens To Me, Lost In A Fog, I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face, I’ll Never Be The Same, So Rare, Tenderly, Stairway To The Stars, and Moonlight In Vermont.

<>These songs were recorded during multiple sessions. On July 24, 1957 and on October 28, 1957 Ella recorded songs with Frank DeVol, some issued on Like Someone In Love, and the album was completed on March 25, 1959.

During this 1959 recording set, Ella sang I’m Through With Love. Together with the July 1957 recorded Stairway To The Stars this song was issued on a 45rpm single. This record was advertised with the following advertisement of April 20, 1959 (from The Billboard). It says “Ella Fitzgerald – the hottest vocalist of them all sings the two hottest tunes… from the hottest motion picture ‘Some Like It Hot’.”


This is not totally coincidental. Billy Wilder was making his film Some Like It Hot in 1958 and 1959, starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as two musicians who have to escape for the mafia and disguise themselves as women to work in the orchestra of which Marilyn Monroe is the girl singer. And indeed, Monroe sings I’m Through With Love, but the other song on Ella’s single, Stairway To The Stars, is only used as instrumental background music in the picture.

While Billy Wilders film was very successful, Ella released this single with ‘songs from the picture’, which don’t have anything to do with the picture after all, in fact, these two songs are just songs which were still in stock for Ella. A commercial move.

<>So far the technical details. Now it’s time for the music – it’s Ella at the height of her career, with a top-notch orchestra led by Frank DeVol, issued in a time in which this music was not old-fashioned. During the sixties, in the public opinion this music became out-dated, as we can see when we look at the more temporary recordings of ‘Misty Blue’. It is quite surprising that the newer ‘Misty Blue’ album is seen as old-fashioned these days, while ‘Hello, Love’ is regarded as timeless…

Still, this album remains not too well-known. In my view that is because this album only confirms what fans already knew; that Ella was the best singer of popular music and jazz. This album is not really something new after the Songbooks, or after Like Someone In Love, which also mainly contained standards, so after all it doesn’t add anything to what people knew about Ella’s abilities.

<>To get to the point: this album is, even 45 years after it’s recording, still not really out of date. Ella sings in her best voice the most beautiful arranged songs, just ballads, and moves me every time I hear her sing I’m Through With Love and makes me swing very lightly when I listen to her singing Willow Weep For Me.

It is not spectacular like Ella’s live recordings, but it is stunning all the same.

I'm Thru With Love / Stairway To The Stars

Verve Singles Vol. 2 for 2005

According to Bryan Koniartz, the producer of the forthcoming, but retired, second volume of Verve Singles of Ella, the new set will be out in 2005, though he couldn't tell me a precise date...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hello Love by ELLA FITZGERALD reissued

Hello Love by ELLA FITZGERALD has been reissued in USA and Europe on CD.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Verve's Release Schedule

Dinah Washington - Queen: The Music Of Dinah Washington - Reissue - Verve Records
Bill Evans - Bill Evans for Lovers - Reissue - Verve Records
Oscar Peterson - Oscar Peterson For Lovers - Reissue - Verve Records

Charlie Haden - The Land Of The Sun - New Release - Verve Int'l Records

Bill Evans - California, Here I Come (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Ahmad Jamal - Chamber Music of the New Jazz (LPR) - Reissue - GRP Records
Ramsey Lewis - Another Voyage (LPR) - Reissue - GRP Records
Oscar Peterson - A Jazz Portrait Of Frank Sinatra (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Jimmy Smith - The Boss (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records

Alice Coltrane - Title To Be Determined - New Release - Impulse! Records
Mindi Abair - Come As You Are - New Release - GRP Records

Alexandria Lorez - Alexandria the Great (LPR) - Reissue - Impulse! Records
Freddy Cole - Waiter, Ask the Man to Play the Blues - Reissue - GRP Records
Blossom Dearie - Sings Broadway Hit Songs (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Ella Fitzgerald - Hello Love (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Ella Fitzgerald - Jukebox Ella: The Complete Verve Singles Vol. 1 - Reissue - Verve Records
Sergio Mendes - The Fool On The Hill (LPR) - Reissue - A&M Jazz
Chiara Civello - Last Quarter Moon - New Release - Verve Records

Norman Granz - The Complete Jam Sessions Box Set - Box Set - Verve Records
Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (VME) - Reissue - Verve Records
Anita O'Day - Swings Cole Porter (VME) - Reissue - Verve Records

Ahmad Jamal - Sound of Christmas (LPR) - Reissue - GRP Records
Jimmy Smith - Christmas Cookin' (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Linda Ronstadt - Hummin' To Myself - New Release - Verve Records

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Harry Connick, Jr.
Is Gearing Up For The Release
Of His New DVD

Harry Connick, Jr.'s PBS "Great Performances" special was shot in high definition video, recorded in high resolution audio, and is currently being aired on PBS stations across the country. This DVD contains an additional 30 minutes of performance not seen during the original PBS broadcast, plus bonus material including interviews with Harry, his band, photo gallery, and behind-the-scenes footage!

In this concert version of material from Only You, his Columbia Records GOLD album of classic romantic standards from the '50s and '60s, Harry Connick, Jr. remakes as his own classics like "Crazy," "For Once In My Life," "The Very Thought Of You," "My Blue Heaven," and the title track, "Only You." ONLY YOU -- IN CONCERT arrives in stores everywhere Tuesday, March 23! Order your copy on-line here for delivery right to your doorstep!

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Harry will do an interview on Charlie Rose on Monday, March 22
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Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Song Book. (1956) was among the second group of 50 recordings chosen to be digitally
preserved by the Library of Congress in an annual program similar to the library's more-established registry of films.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The new single of Diana Krall

Saturday, February 28, 2004

'Ella' Focuses on Singer's Life, Music

by Teresa Annas
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, February 24, 2004

On a Sunday afternoon in mid-February, Gary Spell and Norma Bass
drove south to put together the pieces of "Ella," a one-woman show
premiering this week.

For months Bass had been singing to Spell's keyboard accompaniment in
Virginia Beach and telling stories to windows and walls as if she
were the great Ella Fitzgerald.

In Greensboro, N.C., Steve Haines' 18-piece jazz band had been
rehearsing without benefit of the woman out front. Now they would
finally get to hear what they sounded like in concert.

The Sunday night practice was exhilarating, Spell said. "Really,
without a bump. I went down there prepared for the worst, thinking
that it could be troublesome to put together.

"It was a big, loud, musical lovefest." But Spell, the show's
producer and creator, was a little worried about the scatting.
Fitzgerald, who died in 1996 at age 79, was famous for her ability to
mimic instruments with her voice. Three-quarters through the show, a
horn player might perform a complicated riff, and Bass would have to
copy it, note for note, just like Fitzgerald did.

Spell calls it "dueling solos."

The dueling rehearsal was set for the next afternoon. Bass stood
before the band and took on every player they gave her. A tenor
saxman taunted her with a challenging run. No problem. Bass came
right back with it.

An alto sax player tried to trip her up. Forget it. Bass was in the
pocket. Next came a trombonist, then a trumpeter. Bass held her own.

"We just had the most fun with it," Spell said. "Norma caught on very
naturally to it. And we'd never done that."

The North Carolina rehearsal came less than two weeks before "Ella --
The Life and Music of Ella Fitzgerald" was scheduled to premiere in
Virginia Beach. The full-length musical runs Thursday through Sunday
at Regent University Theater.

It's not like Spell whipped up the show on short notice; he's been
working with the material for three years. Bobby Melatti, program
director for Beachevents, which provides entertainment at the
Oceanfront, was behind the creation of the new Virginia Legends Walk
and had challenged Spell to concoct a show.

The Walk was finished in 1999. The first 24 honorees included Thomas
Jefferson, Arthur Ashe, Pocahontas, Patsy Cline and Fitzgerald. Spell
spent time at the site, pondering the various legends, seeking

It quickly came down to Cline and Fitzgerald. Spell envisioned a
singer with a combo, set up by the Walk, at 13th Street and Atlantic
Avenue. He knew Cline was popular, but Fitzgerald won out.

"With Ella, we have music that is even more timeless," Spell
said. "And Ella has this riveting backstory, this life of abject
poverty and abuse. There was nothing in her pedigree that suggested
she would become the icon she became."

She rose to fame in an era of racial segregation, when black
performers rarely appeared in white clubs, he said.

"She obliterated every barrier placed before her, just with the sheer
force of her talent.

"To me, that was ringing with natural pathos and drama, in a way that
Patsy's story was not."

He spent the first two months of 2001 immersed in Fitzgerald. He read
books, listened to CDs, watched videos. He settled on a form: He
would place Fitzgerald in concert and have her alternate monologues
with music.

He wrote stories the performer could tell to convey Fitzgerald's
journey -- about her birth in 1917 in Newport News and her family's
move a few years later to Yonkers, N.Y. He wrote about her first
performance, in 1934 at the Apollo Theater in Harlem , and how she
toured, starting the next year, with Chick Webb's big band.

Spell spliced those stories with songs: "A-Tisket A-Tasket." "I'm in
the Mood for Love." "How High the Moon." "I Got Rhythm."

Then he held auditions. Bass showed up, even though her performance
experience consisted mostly of singing in her church choir. Spell saw
a woman who looked a lot like Fitzgerald; he heard a clear, strong
voice that ranged 3½ octaves. She wasn't trained in theater, but she
had a warm, appealing stage presence.

Bass had never sung jazz, hadn't even heard Fitzgerald's music. But
Spell sensed she felt an instant connection with the music. When she
accepted the role, he was thrilled he wouldn't have to compromise the
music to accommodate a voice with less range than Fitzgerald's.

From the start, tourists and locals heard the band and Bass' voice
and moved toward the half-hour concert. When all the folding chairs
were full, folks would stand and listen.

Even as the show premiered at the Oceanfront, Spell began imagining a
full-scale musical. He had directed and performed enough of them to
have a feel for the genre.

He's best known locally for running the Dinner Theater at Founders
Inn, from 1991 until it closed in 1999, when Christian Broadcasting
Network, owner of the facility, turned the theater into a conference
room. Spell staged around 25 musicals there.

Since then he has patched a living by designing and engineering audio
for theaters and by composing, arranging and orchestrating music for
businesses and educational groups. He is music director, executive
pastor and interim youth pastor for Glad Tidings Church in Norfolk.
He also mounted and performed in shows like "Forever Plaid" at the
Oceanfront for Beachevents.

Spell, 37, lives in Virginia Beach with his wife, Jen , and their 2-
year-old daughter, Grace.

He is a fan of jazz but wasn't deep into the music. He brought up-and-
coming jazz bassist Steve Haines into the project during the summer
of 2002. Haines lived in Virginia Beach in the mid-1990s and worked
on a few of Spell's shows. The jazz bassist left to become director
of the Miles Davis Program in Jazz Studies at the University of North
Carolina at Greensboro.

Spell lured him back to play in the "Ella" trio for a month or so.
They backed Bass in the evenings then worked on new material to try
out on stage the next night. Bass floated well with the daily
changes, Spell recalled.

Haines committed to arranging and orchestrating the music and got the
OK to commit the UNC big band he directs to the gig. Meanwhile, Spell
finagled permission from Fitzgerald's estate to produce the show.

"Ella" ended up much like the street version, just 75 minutes longer,
Spell said last week.

Along the way, he got clear on his goals. "This is not an expose. Its
first and primary purpose is to entertain." "I have intentionally
steered away from gory details."

Spell uses a light hand on the saddest phases of Fitzgerald's
history. She was around 14 when her mother died and soon left home to
escape her stepfather. Out on the streets, she made money in sordid
ways, such as being a lookout for speakeasies. She ended up in a
reformatory, where she was beaten. While suggesting her troubles,
Spell felt that "in more detail, it seemed lurid."

Spell's monologues don't mention her first, annulled marriage or the
Norwegian cad she fell for who was jailed for stealing from a former
girlfriend. She met jazz bassist Ray Brown in 1946, wed him and was
divorced by 1952.

"That's gone right now," he said. "It could come back."

Spell has an eye on Broadway but knows the odds are tough. He plans
to put a performance on DVD and shop it around to New York producers
and potential investors.

He can only guess what will happen next.

"The important thing is that, coming out of next weekend, we will
know for sure what we have," Spell said. "And that's a big deal. We
will have seen it, been able to tweak it."

Area audiences might see the only performances of Spell's big
project. Or they might see the first staging of a new hit.

"This music is so great, and this band is on fire," he said. "If they
come and see this show and do not jiggle in their seats, I want to
check their pulse."

Photo of Norma Bass as Ella:

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

1. Stop This World
2. The Girl In The Other Room
3. Temptation
4. Almost Blue
5. I've Changed My Address
6. Love Me Like A Man
7. I'm Pulling Through
8. Black Crow
9. Narrow Daylight
10. Abandoned Masquerade
11. I'm Coming Through
12. Departure Bay

1. Stop This World
2. The Girl In The Other Room
3. Temptation
4. Almost Blue
5. I've Changed My Address
6. Love Me Like A Man
7. I'm Pulling Through
8. Black Crow
9. Narrow Daylight
10. Abandoned Masquerade
11. I'm Coming Through
12. Departure Bay

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Diana Krall Sold Out benefit Show - Tics Left At eBay only!
VANCOUVER - There is only one pair of tickets left for Diana Krall's benefit performance with Elton John and Elvis Costello. And there is only one way to get them. The seats, worth $1,100, will be put up for auction on eBay by the Vancouver General Hospital and the UBC Hospital Foundation.

Bids will be accepted Feb. 16 to Feb. 23 with proceeds going to the Vancouver General Hospital's leukemia/bone marrow transplantation program. The winner will get access to the intimate show, which quickly sold out, and an exclusive photo opportunity with Krall. The offer to pose for special photos is different for the typically shy Krall, said Michelle Welygan, a spokeswoman for the event. "She's just so passionate about this cause she's willing to do just about anything," she said. The jazz diva is hosting the benefit as a way of thanking leukemia program workers who cared for her late mother, Adella, who died in May 2002. Since 1998, Krall has held concerts raising over $500,000 for the program. The money has gone towards medical equipment and assisting out-of-town patients. Over the last 10 years the leukemia program has become internationally recognized as a leading centre for treatment and clinical research. This latest blockbuster concert will be held March 5 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. There are only 600 seats, sold exclusively to patrons of the leukemia program, giving fans a chance to see the performers up close.

Recorded live in 1975 and unreleased until now, this moving session by
jazz singer Irene Kral offers up some of her most heartfelt renditions
of many tunes associated with Irene over the years, plus a few surprises
not recorded before. This wonderful live recording was performed at The
Catamaran Hotel in San Diego, California and features Irene Kral with
Mike Wofford on piano, Bob Magnusson on bass, and Tony Marillo on drums:

Irene Kral, Vocals
Mike Wofford, Piano
Bob Magnusson, Bass
Tony Marillo, Drums

CD availability scheduled for March 14, 2004

Issued by arrangement with the Irene Kral estate

Track listing on website:

Monday, February 16, 2004

Columbia/Legacy Remembers Duke

United Press International, February 14, 2004

Columbia/Legacy is paying homage to Duke Ellington 30 years after his
death with the issue of expanded editions of three of his classic
1950s recordings.

Today's CD format has enabled the label to issue interrupted and
expanded versions of material originally released on 10-inch, 33 1/3
rpm records. The composer and bandleader died on May 24, 1974. His
recording affiliation with Columbia ran from 1927 to 1962.

The homage package, to be released next Tuesday, includes 1951's
"Masterpieces by Ellington" with concert length arrangements of "Mood
Indigo" and "Sophisticated Lady" plus three bonus tracks; 1952's
"Ellington Uptown," with extended versions of "Take the 'A' Train,"
"The Mooche" and "Perdido" plus "The Controversial Suite" and "The
Liberian Suite;" and 1959's "Festival Session" with "V.I.P's Boogie"
and "Jam with Sam," two previously unissued bonus tracks from the

The package is part of the label's Columbia/Legacy Jazz Masterpiece

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Concord's upcoming releases include the following, according to a
new article on

March 23
Rosemary Clooney: "Songs from the Classic Television Series"
(Intended to coincide, perhaps, with an upcoming PBS special on
Rosie that uses extensive clips from her 1956 TV series? Might
this include duets with her guests?)

April 27
Various Artists: "Live at Caesars Palace" (Neon Tonic)
Sammy Davis, Jr: "Live at Caesars Palace" (Neon Tonic)

This "Neon Tonic" imprint series was announced several years ago;
if memory serves it got tied up in some messy litigation and changed
hands once or twice? I think most of the material -- recorded without
the performers' knowledge? -- dates from the late 1960s and early
1970s? Jazz Times describes the various-artist disc as follows:

"Las Vegas ain't exactly the place you go to hear great music these
days, but back in the day, let me tell you... On April 27 Concord
will release 'Live at Caesars Palace,' a collection of never-before-
heard live performances by artists like Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith,
Lena Horne and even Duke Ellington, all recorded at the famous

Sunday, February 01, 2004


On March 10,2004
Warne Music WPCR 11808(New) Mehldau,Brad/Anything Goes 2520

On March 17,2004
Pony Canyon MYCJ 30255(Alfa)New Wonsey,Anthoney/Another Perspective 2200
Pony Canyon MYCJ 30256(Alfa)New Great Jazz Trio,The/Flowers for Lady
Day 2200
Pony Canyon MYCJ 30257(Alfa)New Harris,Barry/I'm Old Fashioned 2200
Pony Canyon MYCJ 30258(Alfa)New Martin,Peter/Parabola 2200
Pony Canyon MYCJ 30259(Alfa)New Hubbard,Freddie/Topsy 2200

On March 24,2004
Warner Music WPCL 10079(New) Akiyoshi,Toshiko/Last Live in Blue
Note Tokyo 3059
Toshiba TOCJ 9006(Blue Note 4195)New(24 Bit) Hancock,Herbie/Maiden
Voyage* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9101(Blue Note 4209)New(24 Bit) Mobley,Hank/Dippin'* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9102(Blue Note 4279)New(24 Bit) Hancock,Herbie/Speak
Like A Child* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9103(Blue Note 4263)New(24 Bit)
Donaldson,Lou/Alligator Bogaloo* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9104(Blue Note 4205)New(24 Bit) LaRoca,Pete/Basra* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9105(Blue Note 1515)New(24 Bit) Hipp,Jutta/At the
Hickory House Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9108(Blue Note 1541)New(24 Bit) Morgan,Lee/ Vol.2* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9110(Blue Note 1558)New(24 Bit) Rollins,Sonny/ Vol.2* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9111(Blue Note 4154)New(24 Bit) Green,Grant/Idle
Moments* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9112(Blue Note 4345)New(24 Bit) McLean,Jackie/Demons
Dance* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9115(Blue Note 4204)New(24 Bit) Gordon,Dexter/Gettin'
Around* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9117(Blue Note 4097)New(24 Bit) Blakey,Art/The
African Beat* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9118(Blue Note 4091)New(24 Bit) Clark,Sonny/Leapin'
and Lopin'* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9119(Blue Note 1559)New(24 Bit) Griffin,Johnny/A
Blowing Session* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9121(Blue Note 1542)New(24 Bit) Rollins,Sonny/ Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9125(Blue Note 4051)New(24 Bit)
McLean,Jackie/Jackie's Bag* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9130(Blue Note 4042)New(24 Bit) Silver,Horace/Horace
Scope* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9131(Blue Note 4149)New(24 Bit) Mobley,Hank/No Room
for Squares* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9132(Blue Note 4202)New(24 Bit) Green,Grant/I Want to
Hold Your Hand* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9133(Blue Note 4264)New(24 Bit) Tyner,McCoy/The Real
McCoy* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9134(Blue Note 1538)New(24 Bit) Morgan,Lee/Indeed* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9135(Blue Note 1531)New(24 Bit) Navarro,Fats/The
Fabulous Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9136(Blue Note 1532)New(24 Bit) Navarro,Fats/The
Fabulous Vol.2* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9139(Blue Note 4021)New(24 Bit) Burrell,Kenny/At the
Five Spot Cafe* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9140(Blue Note 4107)New(24 Bit) Wilkerson,Don/Preach
Brother* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9141(Blue Note 1518)New(24 Bit) Silver,Horace/And The
Jazz Messengers* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9142(Blue Note 1520)New(24 Bit) Silver,Horace/Trio &
A.Blakey,Sabu* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9147(Blue Note 4126)New(24 Bit) Hancock,Herbie/My
Point Of View* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9148(Blue Note 4056)New(24 Bit) Hubbard,Freddie/Goin'
Up* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9150(Blue Note 1573)New(24 Bit) Jenkins,John/With
K.Burrell* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9151(Blue Note 4270)New(24 Bit) Wilson,Jack/Easterly
Wind* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9156(Blue Note 4038)New(24 Bit)
McLean,Jackie/Capuchin Swing* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9157(Blue Note 4101)New(24 Bit) Byrd,Doanld/Royal
Flash* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9159(Blue Note 4062)New(24 Bit) Parlan,Horace/Headin'
South* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9160(Blue Note 4194)New(24 Bit) Shorter,Wayne/Speak
No Evil* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9161(Blue Note 4224)New(24 Bit) Coleman,Ornett/At The
Golden Circle Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9162(Blue Note 4225)New(24 Bit) Coleman,Ornett/At The
Golden Circle Vol.2* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9163(Blue Note 4025)New(24 Bit) Donaldson,Lou/The
Time Is Right* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9165(Blue Note 4231)New(24 Bit)
Hutcherson,Bobby/Happenings* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9168(Blue Note 4243)New(24 Bit)
Morgan,Lee/Delightfulee* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9170(Blue Note 4147)New(24 Bit)
Hancock,Herbie/Inventions And Dimensions* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9173(Blue Note 1564)New(24 Bit) Chambers,Paul/Quintet* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9181(Blue Note 4006)New(24 Bit) Reece,Dizzy/Blues In
Trinity* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9182(Blue Note 4221)New(24 Bit) Young,Larry/Unity* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9183(Blue Note 1596)New(24 Bit) Burrell,Kenny/Blue
Lights Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9185(Blue Note 1560)New(24 Bit) Mobley,Hank/Hank* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9186(Blue Note 4134)New(24 Bit) Parlan,Horace/Happy
Frame Of Mind* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9187(Blue Note 4088)New(24 Bit) Three Sounds,The/Here
We Come* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9188(Blue Note 4098)New(24 Bit) Quebec,Ike/Blue &
Sentimental* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9189(Blue Note 1551)New(24 Bit) Smith,Jimmy/At The
Organ Vol.1* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9191(Blue Note 4181)New(24 Bit) Dorham,Kenny/Trompeta
Toccata* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9225(Blue Note 5042)New (24 Bit) Farlow,Tal/Quartet* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9232(Blue Note 4184)New(24 Bit) Rivers,Sam/Fuchsia
Swing Song* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9233(Blue Note 4216)New(24 Bit)
Williams,Anthony/Spring* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9238(Blue Note 4282)New(24 Bit) Jones,Elvin/Puttin'
It Together* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9239(Blue Note 4332)New(24 Bit) Shorter,Wayne/Super
Nova* 2500
Toshiba TOCJ 9240-41(Blue Note LA 015)New(24 Bit,2CDs)
Jones,Elvin/Live At The Lighthouse 3700
Toshiba TOCJ 9242(Blue Note 4030)New(24 Bit) Smith,Jimmy/Crazy Baby* 2500

Monday, January 26, 2004

Telarc Signs Geri Allen
Daily News Headlines (source Downbeat)

Posted 12/22/2003

In December, Telarc International executives announced the signing of Geri Allen and a subsequent untitled album to be released in August 2004.
The award-winning pianist will record original compositions for the new album in January 2004 at New York’s Avatar Studios. Bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette will make up the rhythm section. Elaine Martone will co-produce the session with Allen.

Bob Woods, president of Telarc, considers the label’s decision a no-brainer. “Geri Allen’s voice in the jazz community remains strong and clear,” he said.

Allen returned the sentiment.

“Telarc represents a spectacular music legacy,” she said. “It’s a thrill and honor for me.”

For more information, visit
Krall Composes On New Record
Daily News Headlines (Source Downbeat)

Diana Krall will release her new album, The Girl In The Other Room, in late April on Verve. It is her eighth recording effort and the first to feature original music.
Of the album’s 12 tracks, six are original compositions co-written by Diana Krall and Elvis Costello. The remaining songs include interpretations of Mose Allison’s “Stop This World,” Tom Waits’ “Temptation,” Joni Mitchell’s “Black Crow,” and Costello’s “Almost Blue.”

“Love Me Like A Man,” a Chris Smither tune made famous by Bonnie Raitt, and “I’m Pulling Through,” an Arthur Herzog tune from Billie Holliday’s repertoire, make up the remaining two tracks.

Krall plays piano and sings on all the songs. Backup artists include guitarist Anthony Wilson, bassists Christian McBride and John Clayton, and drummers Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton and Terry Lyne Carrington. Krall and Tommy LiPuma co-produced the album.

Verve will release “Temptation” as a single in March.

For more information, visit, or

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Verve's Grammy Nomenee 2004
Best Instrumental Composition "Broadband" Track From: Wide AnglesMichael Brecker, Composer (Michael Brecker Quindectet) Verve Records
Best Instrumental Arrangement "Timbuktu" (click to listen)
Michael Brecker & Gil Goldstein, arrangers (Michael Brecker Quindectet) Track from: Wide Angles

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album Wide Angles Michael Brecker Quindectet

Best Engineered Album, Non-classical Nature Boy Dave O'Donnel, Malcolm Pollack& Elliot Scheiner, engineers(Aaron Neville) Verve Records

Best Jazz Vocal Album Nature Boy Aaron Neville

Best Instrumental Composition Sacajawea Wayne Shorter,Composer (Wayne Shorter) Track from: Alegria Verve Records Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or GroupAlegria Wayne Shorter

Best Contemporary Jazz AlbumTimeagainDavid SanbornVerve Records

Best Jazz Vocal Album May The Music Never End Shirley Horn Verve Records

Best Instrumental Arrangement "Oblivion" Jorge Calandrelli, arranger (Regina Carter)Track from: Paganini: After A Dream Verve Records

Best Album Notes Four Women: The Nina Simone Philips Recordings Ashley Kahn, album notes writer (Nina Simone) Verve Records

Best Contemporary Jazz Album Rural Renewal The Crusaders Verve/PRA Records

Ella Fitzgerald's complete singles on Verve Volume 1

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Milt Bernhart is dead
UPDATE (Thu., Jan. 22): I'm so sorry to announce that my dad passed away at
7:42 this morning in Glendale, California. He was 77. He was blessed with
a wonderful life, a celebration of which will constitute the program at the
Big Band Reunion on March 7. Many thanks to you all for your prayers and
expressions of sympathy ...

David Bernhart
Billy May, Grammy-Winning Composer and Trumpeter, Dead at 87

by Jeremiah Marquez
Associated Press, January 24, 2004

LOS ANGELES -- Billy May, a Grammy-winning composer and trumpeter who
arranged such standards as "Cherokee," "Take the A Train" and
"Serenade in Blue" and worked with such stars as Bing Crosby, Frank
Sinatra and Glenn Miller, died at age 87.

May died Thursday of heart failure at his home in San Juan
Capistrano, his wife, Doris May, told The Associated Press on Friday.

The musician, who won a Grammy in 1958 for his album "Big Fat Brass,"
was noted for his brass-heavy, "slurping saxophone" arrangements, but
his command of styles extended from swing to the mambo.

He also had a brilliant sense of humor, said satirist Stan Freberg,
who collaborated with May on Freberg's Grammy-winning 1961 comedy
album "The History of the United States, Vol. 1," and 1996's Grammy-
nominated "History of the United States, Vol. 2."

"I feel like I've lost my musical soul mate," said Freberg, whose
albums featured a full swing orchestra with songs written by the
satirist but arranged and conducted by May.

"It was just a great honor for me to work with him because he was
such a brilliant arranger," Freberg said. "The great thing about
Billy is he wrote in all schools. He could do Glenn Miller because he
played with Glenn Miller. He played trumpet with the Glenn Miller

Born in Pittsburgh, May played in several local bands before getting
his break in 1938 when he joined Charlie Barnet's orchestra as an
arranger and trumpeter. Among his contributions was arranging the Ray
Noble song "Cherokee," which became Barnet's signature tune and one
of the biggest hits of the swing era.

He later joined Miller's band, where he arranged the standards "Take
the 'A' Train" and "Serenade in Blue" and gained attention for his
trumpet work on Miller's version of "American Patrol."

During the 1940s, he wrote arrangements for Les Brown, Woody Herman
and Alvino Rey, and in the 1950s he worked on Sinatra's
acclaimed "Come Fly With Me" album.

In a career that spanned five decades, he also led his own band, the
Billy May Orchestra, arranged and conducted for Peggy Lee and
Nat "King" Cole, and worked in radio and television. With Milton
Raskin, he wrote the theme music for the popular 1950s police
drama "Naked City."

He was nearly 80 when he reunited with Freberg for "History of the
United States Vol. 2," and the satirist, who is working on a
concluding volume three, said Friday he was at a loss for who to
collaborate with.

"Life goes on, and I'll write other songs. But there will never be
another Billy May, I'll tell you that," Freberg said.

In addition to his wife, May is survived by daughters Cynthia May,
Laureen Mitchell, Joannie Ransom and Sandra Gregory, and a brother,

Wynton Marsalis
The Magic Hour
Release Date: 3/9/2004

Norah Jones
Feels Like Home
Release Date: 2/10/2004

Miles Davis
Birdland 1951
Release Date: 1/27/2004


One Night With Blue Note (DVD Plus CD)
Release Date: 1/27/2004

Verve's 2004 release schedule:

Diana Krall - When I Look In Your Eyes (DVD-A) - New Release - Verve Records

Diana Krall - The Look of Love (DVD-A) - New Release - Verve Records

Roy Eldridge - The Complete Verve Records Studio Sessions (Mosaic) - Box Set - Verve Records

Various Artists - NEA Jazz Masters - Reissue - Verve Records

Astrud Gilberto - Astrud For Lovers - Reissue- Verve Records
Johnny Hartman - Hartman For Lovers - Reissue - Verve Records
Paco de Lucia - Cositas Buenas - New Release - Verve Records

Count Basie - Live At Newport (VME) - Reissue - Verve Records
Dinah Washington - After Hours With Miss D (VME) - Reissue - Verve Records

Jonatha Brooke - Back In The Circus - New Release - PRA Records
Paul Brown - Up Front - New Release - GRP Records
Aaron Neville - Nature Boy: The Standards Album (DVD-A) - New Release - Verve Records
David Sanborn - timeagain (DVD-A) - New Release - Verve Records

Mel Brown - Chicken Fat (LPR) - Reissue - Impulse! Records
Clark Terry & Chico O'Farrill - Spanish Rice (LPR) - Reissue - Impulse! Records
Gloria Coleman - Soul Sisters (LPR) - Reissue - Impulse! Records
Yusef Lateef - The Golden Flute (LPR) - Reissue - Impulse! Records
Archie Shepp - The Cry Of My People (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records

Diana Krall - 2 Track Single - New Release - Verve Records
Various Artists - WBGO Fund Drive Compilation - New Release - Verve Records

John Frigo - I Love John Frigo...He Swings (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Roger Kellaway - Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet (LPR) - Reissue - A&M Jazz
Lyle Ritz - How About Uke (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Tony Scott - Tony Scott (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Stuff Smith - Cat On A Hot Fiddle (LPR) - Reissue - Verve Records
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Live DVD - New Release - Reissue - Verve Records

George Benson - Irreplaceable - New Release - GRP Records

Various Artists - The Jazz Wedding Album: First Dance - Reissue - Verve Records

James Brown - Soul On Top - Reissue - Verve Records
Various Artists - Kids' Jazz - Reissue - Verve Records
Gerald Albright - Kickin' It Up - New Release - GRP Records

Dave Grusin - TBD - New Release - GRP Records
Diana Krall - The Girl In The Other Room - New Release - Verve Records

Hugh Masekela - Still Grazing - Reissue -
Keiko Matsui - The Very Best of Keiko Matsui - Reissue - GRP Records
Arturo Sandoval - The Very Best of Arturo Sandoval - Reissue - GRP Records
Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething - New Release - Verve Records
John Scofield - Title To Be Determined - New Release - Verve Records

Joshua Payne - The Art of the Deal - New Release - Blue Thumb Records
Masters At Work - Title To Be Determined (Latin Project) - New Release - Verve Records
Linda Ronstadt - Title To Be Determined - New Release - Verve Records

Art Blakey - 'S Make It - Reissue - Verve Reissues
Candido Camero - Candido Featuring Al Cohn - Reissue - GRP Records
Gene Krupa - Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements - Reissue - Verve Reissues
Machito - Vacation At The Concord - Reissue - GRP Records
Max Roach - Jazz In 3/4 Time - Reissue - Verve Reissues
Al Jarreau - Title To Be Determined - New Release - GRP Records
The following japanese CDs are scheduled for release.
*means in a cardboard sleeve.

February 20, 2004
P Vine PCD 23490 (Groove Merchant) New McGriff, Jimmy & Richard
Groove Holmes/Giants of Organ in Concert 2415
P Vine PCD 23491 (Groove Merchant) New McGriff, Jimmy & Richard
Groove Holmes/Giants of Organ Come Together 2415
P Vine PCD 23492 (Groove Merchant) New McGriff, Jimmy/Fly Dude 2415
P Vine PCD 23493 (Groove Merchant) New Holmes, Richard
Groove/American Pie 2415

February 21, 2004
Universal UCCE 3031 (ECM) New Garbarek, Jan/Visible World 2300
Universal UCCE 3032 (ECM) New Garbarek, Jan/Twelve Moons 2300
Universal UCCE 3033 (ECM) New Garbarek, Jan/I Took up the Runes
Universal UCCE 3034 (ECM) New Garbarek, Jan/Legend of the Seven Dreams
Universal UCCE 3035 (ECM) New Garbarek, Jan & Bobo Stenson/Witchi
Tai To 2300
Universal UCCJ 1005 (New) Gilberto, Joao/Joao Gilberto in Tokyo

February 25, 2004
Universal UCCU 9501 (Impulse) New Coltrane, John/Ballads* 2300
Universal UCCU 9502 (Verve) New Getz, Stan & Joao Gilberto/Getz /
Gilberto* 2300
Universal UCCU 9503 (ECM) New Jarrett, Keith/The Koln Concert* 2300
Universal UCCU 9504 (EmArcy) New Merrill, Helen/With Clifford Brown*
Universal UCCU 9505 (Impulse) New Coltrane, John/A Love Supreme* 2300
Universal UCCU 9506 (Verve) New Peterson, Oscar/We Get Requests* 2300
Universal UCCU 9507 (Verve) New Jobin, Antonio Carlos/Wave* 2300
Universal UCCU 9508 (ECM) New Corea, Chick/Return to Forever* 2300
Universal UCCU 9509 (Commodore) New Holiday, Billie/The Greatest
Interpretations* 2300
Universal UCCU 9510 (Verve) New Evans, Bill/At the Montreux Jazz
Festival +1* 2300
Universal UCCU 9511 (Verve) New Jobin, Antonio Carlos/The Composer of
Desafinado, Plays* 2300
Universal UCCU 9512 (Fontana) New Davis, Miles/Ascenseur pour l'echafaud*
Universal UCCU 9513 (Verve) New Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis
Armstrong/Ella & Louis* 2300
Universal UCCU 9514 (Verve) New Smith, Jimmy/The Cat* 2300
Universal UCCU 9515 (Verve) New Fitzgerald, Ella/Ella in Berlin (Mack
the Knife) * 2300
Universal UCCU 9516 (EmArcy) New Vaughan, Sarah/With Clifford Brown*
Universal UCCU 9517 (Decca) New Lee, Peggy/Black Coffee* 2300
Universal UCCU 9518 (Verve) New Parker, Charlie/Now's the Time +1*
Universal UCCU 9519 (Verve) New Powell, Bud/The Genius of +2* 2300
Universal UCCU 9520 (A&M) New Montgomery, Wes/A Day in the Life*
Universal UCCU 9521 (Verve) New Evans, Bill/Alone +2* 2300
Universal UCCU 9522 (Verve) New Gilberto, Astrud/Album* 2300
Universal UCCU 9523 (EmArcy) New Brown, Clifford/Study in Brown* 2300
Universal UCCU 9524 (ECM) New Jarrett, Keith/Standards Vol.1* 2300
Universal UCCU 9525 (EmArcy) New Brown, Clifford/With Strings* 2300
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37352 (New) Coryell, Larry/Aspects 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37353 (New) Vitous, Miroslav/Majesty Music 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37354 (New) Mainieri, Mike/Free Smile 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37355 (New) Jeff Lorber Fuson, The/Water Sign
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37356 (New) Jeff Lorber Fuson, The/Wizard Island
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37357 (New) Jeff Lorber Fuson, The/Galaxian 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37358 (New) Smith, Lonnie Liston/Renaissance 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37359 (New) Burton, Gary/Duster 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37360 (New) Moreira, Airto/Promises of the Sun
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37361 (New) Coryell, Larry/Tributaries 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37362 (New) Bernhardt, Warren/Manhattan Update
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37363 (New) Lorber, Jeff/It's a Fact 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37364 (New) Lorber, Jeff/In the Heat of the Night
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37365 (New) Burton, Gary/Quartet in Concert 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37366 (New) Kawasaki, Ryo/Juice 1890
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37367 (New) Smith, Lonnie Liston/Live 1890
Venus TKCV 35325 (New) Simone/Moonlight Serenade 2800
Venus TKCV 35326 (New) Leonhart, Jay/Fly Me To The Moon (Featuring
Benny Green) 2800

March 24, 2004
Universal UCCU 9526 (Mercury) New Jones, Quincy/Big Band Bossa Nova*
Universal UCCU 9527 (Decca) New Armstrong, Louis/What a Wonderful World*
Universal UCCU 9528 (ECM) New Jarrett, Keith/Standards Live* 2300
Universal UCCU 9529 (Philips) New Mulligan, Gerry/Night Lights* 2300
Universal UCCU 9530 (Verve) New Getz, Stan/Plays +1* 2300
Universal UCCU 9531 (EmArcy) New Brown, Clifford/And Max Roach +2*
Universal UCCU 9532 (Mercury) New Adderley, Cannonball/Quinte in Chicgo*
Universal UCCU 9533 (Verve) New Parker, Charlie/April in Paris +4*
Universal UCCU 9534 (Fontana) New Dolphy, Eric/Last Date* 2300
Universal UCCU 9535 (Kapp) New McRea, Carmen/Book of Ballads* 2300
Universal UCCU 9536 (Philips) New Zetterlund, Monica/Waltz for Debby +6*
Universal UCCU 9537 (Verve) New Evans, Bill/What's New* 2300
Universal UCCU 9538 (Decca) New Hampton, Lionel/Star Dust* 2300
Universal UCCU 9539 (Mercury) New Garner, Erroll/Plays Misty* 2300
Universal UCCU 9540 (Verve) New O'Day, Anita/This is Anita* 2300
Universal UCCU 9541 (Verve) New Basie, Count/Basie in London +4* 2300
Universal UCCU 9542 (Verve) New Kelly, Wynton &Wes Montgomery/A
Smokin' at the Half Note* 2300
Universal UCCU 9543 (ECM) New Metheny, Pat/Offranp* 2300
Universal UCCU 9544 (Impulse) New Nelson, Oliver/Blues and the Abstract
Truth* 2300
Universal UCCU 9545 (Argo) New Lewis, Ramsey/The in Crowd +2* 2300
Universal UCCU 9546 (Impulse) New Tyner, McCoy/Nights of Ballads & Blues*
Universal UCCU 9547 (Argo) New Sims, Zoot/Zoot* 2300
Universal UCCU 9548 (Impulse) New Jarrett, Keith/Death and the Flower*
Universal UCCU 9549 (Impulse) New Coltrane, John/And Johnny Hartman*
Universal UCCU 9550 (Impulse) New Ellington, Duke/And John Coltrane*