Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ella posponed

On Verve Release Schedule, Ella's Volume 2 of singles, is marcked as this:

TBS - Ella Fitzgerald - Jukebox Ella: The Complete Verve Singles Vol. 2 - Catalog Reissue - Verve Reissues

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ella Fitzgerald 21st of July 1975, before the Antibes Festival Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Anne Bancroft -- she sang, too.

Anne Bancroft -- she sang, too.
Anne Bancroft was indeed a wonderful singer as well as an irreplaceable actress.

When she was just another movie starlet in the early 50's she played a nightclub singer in 'Don't Bother to Knock' and was dubbed by Eve Marlee. The movie starlet thing eventually fizzled out and she went to NY, got serious about acting and became a surprise star on Broadway in 'Two for the Seesaw' and 'The Miracle Worker'. During this period she started showing up on Jack Paar's talk shows on which she was sharp, funny and thoroughly delightful. She once casually mentioned to Paar that she was studying singing and he made her promise that when she was ready she'd make her singing debut on his show. Which she did (6/7/63), in a regal Grecian gown no less, singing (and very well) a torchy medley of 'Where Are You?' and 'These Foolish Things' in front of a teddibly sophisticated Manhattan penthouse set. Her voice was throaty and strong and her phrasing and pitch were perfect

She then co-starred with Dick Shawn in a two-character ABC Stage 67 musical special titled 'I'm Getting Married' (3/16/67) in which she sang four original Betty Comden-Adolph Green songs - 'Venezia', 'Getting Married', 'Forbidden Fruit' and 'Love Is Our Umbrella', the latter two duets with Shawn.

She then guested on the Kraft Music Hall on NBC (4/30/69) singing a most peculiar pair of tunes - 'Limehouse Blues' and, in a trio with Mel Torme and Dudley Moore, 'Scarborough Fair'.

Her sublime hour was her Emmy-winning CBS special titled 'Annie, the Women in the Life of a Man' (12/18/70). It was a semi-revue format with a half-dozen or so male guest stars appearing in only one sequence apiece. Lee J. Cobb's was as a posh Park Avenue psychiatris"

Upcoming CD releases from Japan

Japan Reissues: On June 15, 2005

Vivid Sound VSCD 9317 (New) Coltrane, Alice / Eternity 2415
Vivid Sound VSCD 9318 (New) Coltrane, Alice / Transcendence 2415

On July 15, 2005

P Vine PCD 22214 (New) Cobb, Arnett / Chittlin' Shout 2310
P Vine PCD 22215 (New) Bama / Ghettos Of The Wind 2310
P Vine PCD 22216 (New) Humphrey, Paul / And The Cool...aid Chemists 2310
P Vine PCD 22217 (New) Humphrey, Paul / Supermellow 2310
P Vine PCD 22218 (New) Humphrey, Paul / America Wake Up 2310

On July 20, 2005

Sony SICP 867 (New) Dombasle, Arielle / Amor Amor 2520
Sony VRCL 18826 (New) New Sound Quartet, The / Summertime 2835
Universal UCGJ 7005 (New) Ozone, Makoto / Real 3000
BMG Funhous BVCJ 37432 (New) 24 Bit Rich, Buddy / Different Drummer 1890
BMG Funhous BVCJ 37433 (New) 24 Bit Rich, Buddy / Buddy Rich In London 1890
BMG Funhous BVCJ 37434 (New) 24 Bit Rich, Buddy / Stick It 1890
BMG Funhous BVCJ 37435 (New) 24 Bit Rich, Buddy / Plays And Plays And Plays 1890

On July 21, 2005

Victor VICJ 61279 (New) Frank & Joe Show, The / 33 1 / 3 2520
Victor VICJ 61280 (New) Palmieri, Eddie / Listen Here - 50th Anniversary Edition 2520
Victor VICJ 61281 (New) Weckl, Dave / Multiplicity 2520
King ABCJ 357 (New) Burton, Ann / Misty 2500
King ABCJ 358 (New) Burton, Ann / Thats All 2500
King ABCJ 359 (New) Merrill, Helen / Deep In A Dream 2500
King ABCJ 360 (New) Merrill, Helen / Love Is Song 2500
King KICJ 489 (New) Cohen, Avishai / At Home 2500
King KICJ 490 (New) York, Jennifer / Transtions 2800
King KICJ 491 (New) Wooten, Victor / Soul Cir"