Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ella at Mr Kelly's

On this mournful day, on which legendary jazz keyboard player Joe Zawinul passed away, there is finally word from the Verve Music Group about the 2-disc set "Ella Fitzgerald at Mr Kelly's"!
It seems probable that it will be released on September 18, 2007, and the above is a preview of its cover! Pretty neat, don't you think... although I would've preferred something painting-like, such as the Ella-returns-to-Berlin-cover. The picture on this cover seems to be of around 1962 (she's wearing a wig), and this concert dates from 1958 (in which she looked better in my opinion, without the wig).
Just imagine that within two weeks we can finally listen to these great recordings of Ella in her prime... but in all this joy, let's not forget Joe Zawinul.


El Rider said...

While my father was in law school at Northwestern in the '50s he was a bartender in Chicago's Rush Street area and he used to occasionally talk about seeing shows at Mr. Kellys, including seeing Ella. Rush St. bartenders were and can still be a pretty close knit group and because of that Dad got snuck into the back entrance of Mr. Kellys by his friends to see a lot of those shows.

I found this site through your YouTube page, thanks for posting all of those Ella songs, they make a great public archive. I have been learning Ain't Nobody's Business to add to "songs in my back pocket" to use in improv (on stage or in class) or the odd audition; so seeing Ella sing the song was a great help. Thanks again.

Btw, I posted your YouTube video and five other versions of that song on my blog for New Year's Eve.

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Ledena boginja said...

I love Ella! I think she's one of the best female singers ever...

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